Cream Dream

Механический городок для ателье тортиков Cream Dream

In one town there lived wonderful and cheerful people. Every day was a holiday for them, because they knew that somewhere in the depths of the cave the Dark King was dozing. The dark king had long kept everyone in terror and sometimes, rising from his lair, demanded that they bring him the most delicious child as a gift. So they were celebrating Monday, when a roar was heard, the heavens opened, and He appeared before them.

“A baby for me! The most delicious one! And quickly!” — He said in a thunderous voice to the frightened and hiding residents.

And who knows how it all would have ended if lightning had not flashed and the Dark King, without having tasted his tasty morsel, fell dead. The people rejoiced, and from now on they celebrate only one day — the day when the Dark King fell!

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